Elisabeth Pine is a certified Passion Test facilitator and often uses the process as part of her coaching so that her clients can win clarity much faster. She’s especially good at helping clients who feel they have no or very few passions at all.


The Passion Test is a S-Y-S-T-E-M (Save Yourself Time, Energy and Money) developed by Janet Bray and Chris Attwood, co-authors of the NY Times bestseller, The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose. This process gives you the tools to discover and align with your Top 5 Passions to put yourself on your own personal path to fulfilling your ultimate purpose or destiny.

It’s about learning how to identify, actualize and even monetize the things you would love to have most in your life, those things that would lead you to living your ideal life in all aspects all the time – those things that bring you joy and fulfillment, things that light you up.

Chris and Janet have spent more than 30 years studying what it takes to be successful in life. They sought out people who are living their lives to the max, manifesting their dreams, creating whatever it takes to be completely fulfilled. All of those interviewed agreed that their success had come from learning to identify and follow their Passions.

The idea of living your passions is not new, but Janet and Chris have developed a SYSTEM that anyone can easily learn. The Passion Test process also introduces self-directed tools to remove any false beliefs, concepts or ideas that may be holding us back from moving in the direction of our Passions.

This SYSTEM is unbelievably easy to follow and can provide the most profound changes in your life you may have ever experienced.

Elisabeth’s clients love how she incorporates the Passion Test into her coaching. Working with a client’s list of passions is like detecting lots of little treasures along the way. By the time her clients are ready to go through the Passion Test, they already have a lot more clarity than before. Plus a list of passions that sound so attractive that they say: “Yes, that’s me. That’s what I want!”

Would you like to feel this clarity, energy and fulfillment, too? Set up your individual Passion Test Coaching by contacting Elisabeth right away.

Interested in the book? You can buy “The Passion Test” here (Amazon.de).