Clarity. Passion. Joy.
Feeling successful and completely alive.
Is that something you would like in your life?

Your coach and trainer Elisabeth Pine supports you in getting exactly that.

Perhaps you are in charge of a team or a company and you are very good at what you do. But lately you find yourself not enjoying your work as much as you would like.
You’re having a difficult time motivating yourself and others. When presenting yourself and your work, the spark is missing.
You’re longing to do something that lights you up.
But you don’t quite know what that might be and how to get it.

Why not ask Clarity & Passion expert Elisabeth Pine? She specializes in helping her clients win clarity on what they really want, what they are passionate about – and she shows them the steps to get it.

So that they fall in love with their lives again and become better communicators and leaders along the way.

The better you know yourself, the easier you can steer your life in the desired direction.

Meet Elisabeth - Your Clarity & Passion Expert

Elisabeth Pine

Elisabeth helps people win clarity and focus, discover their strengths and passions and become more successful and authentic leaders. She works as a coach, trainer, and speaker. Certified as a Passion Test facilitator, she supports clients from around the world in identifying their Top 5 Passions and in doing away with limiting beliefs. Before starting her own company, … Read more ›

Client Voices

  • “Elisabeth’s coaching is considerably more effective than other coaching or consultations.”
  • “With Elisabeth’s help I have found a new love for my life and what I do.”
  • “Elisabeth is one of the most talented coaches, I’ve ever come across!”
  • “My coaching included so many new and stimulating ideas that I know now I can implement my projects with new momentum.”
  • “Elisabeth’s coaching and the results are truly mind-blowing.”


.Elisabeth Pine - Speaker

Elisabeth Pine
Your Clarity & Passion Coach, Trainer, Speaker