Let yourself be inspired by the topics Elisabeth Pine focuses on in her speeches, workshops, seminars and trainings:

  • Growing in authenticity
  • Discovering your motivation and passion
  • Communicating clearly
  • Developing new habits
  • Starting anew

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Here are some examples of Elisabeth’s topics:

„How Passion and Focus Will Boost Your Productivity and Fulfillment“

  • Learn how to manage your focus to boost your productivity
  • Discover the secret to reviving your motivation (in case you ever need that)
  • And find out why passions are so important for your success and fulfillment

„How mastering new habits will transform your life“

  • Why doing something 30 seconds a day can make a difference
  • What rewards have to do with habit building
  • How passwords can contribute to a healthier life

„5 steps to more authenticity“

  • What does health have to do with authenticity?
  • Why is being authentic particularly important for people in leadership positions?
  • How do I manage to become more authentic?

„Encouragement to lead a more passionate life“

  • What does passion mean?
  • How do I discover my passions?
  • How can I bring more passion and joy into my (business) life?

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This is what participants are saying:

I really enjoyed Elisabeth’s workshop. It was about the connections between authenticity, health and passion. Elisabeth managed to create a trusting atmosphere in a group of strangers within just a short amount of time, so that it became possible to communicate openly. It was really quite remarkable.

Christoph Baudson

I heard Elisabeth Pine speak at the European Personal Development Congress in Spain. In her session ‘Start your passionate life now!’ she explains how you can easily manage a new beginning. I’ve heard a lot of speeches in my life but I must say:

Rarely have I listened to such a clear and structured presentation. And so convincing. You can tell that Elisabeth has incorporated what she teaches into her life. She inspired me to pay more attention to what I really want in life.

She gave us lots of valuable strategies on becoming very clear which passions we want to follow.

I will ask the head of our educational institution to invite her to Austria for a talk.

Michael F.

I really liked your workshop. Especially learning why we want to do the things we want to do. For example, in the one exercise I had written on my list “travel around the world and write a book.” But what exactly might be behind that wish I had never considered before. Thank you for that!

Jürgen V.