Elisabeth PineElisabeth helps people

  • win clarity and focus,
  • discover their strengths and passions
  • and become more successful and authentic leaders.

She works as a coach, trainer, and speaker – with a focus on career, clarity, communication, and change.

Certified as a Passion Test facilitator, she also supports clients from around the world in identifying their Top 5 Passions and in doing away with limiting beliefs.

Before starting her own company, Elisabeth held numerous leadership positions in Communications in international organizations. During the course of her career she has used her skills as a consultant and communicator to help thousands of people gain more clarity on what they want to do, say and be.

She especially enjoys working with professionals who realize: “There must be more to life.” People who are committed to stepping up from a (not so) comfortable life to a charged life.

Elisabeth certainly understands the anxiety that is sometimes involved in such a change, having gone through the experience herself. She left her high-paying career in the corporate world and followed her passion:

Connecting with people and inspiring them to have more joy in their lives!

Elisabeth is the perfect coach and trainer for you, if you are ready to (re)discover your inner voice, your message, your purpose.

Why is that important?

So that you can

  • communicate more clearly
  • present more successfully
  • lead more authentically.

In order to live your full potential!

Please contact Elisabeth if you’d like to discuss how she can best support you.